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Avail the best bathroom fittings like Brass Wall Valve, Ceramic Cartridge Regular, Opal Collection Pillar Cock, etc.
About Us

At Satvik Industries, we conducted market research and looked into the always increasing demand for various bathroom fitting and started to complete them with our own unique assortment. Since the year 2017, we have been a widely recognized manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of the finest quality bathroom fittings. Ceramic Cartridge Regular, Brass Non Return Valve, FI-2004 Long Body Bib Cock, CL-302A Single Liver Mixer, Health Faucet ABS With 1 Meter Tube And Holder, EL-501 Bib Cock, and other products are among the many that we have been selling at the most genuine prices. At our facilities, we thoroughly inspect all of our products before allowing them to be delivered on time to the relevant clientele. Moreover, we sell our bathroom fittings under the brand Seven Plus.

Product Features

The many features of our products are as follows:

  • Our products have higher longevity and high proficiency.
  • Our products come with a warranty of 7 years.
  • Our products are easy to operate.
  • Our products are suitable for both hot & cold water.
  • Our products have low maintenance.

Highest Quality Standards

We maintain the highest quality standards in all our operations which results in a flawless product range including Brass Non Return Valve, CL-302A Single Liver Mixer, EL-501 Bib Cock, Ceramic Cartridge Regular, FI-2004 Long Body Bib Cock, Health Faucet ABS With 1 Meter Tube And Holder, etc. Moreover, following are the factors in which we maintain the best quality standards:

  • Gravity Die Casting- Our faucet bodies are composed of the finest brass available, a copper and zinc alloy that is resistant to both soft and hard water corrosion. When it comes to obtaining flameless casting quality, we use an imported gravity die casting machine.
  • Machining- Our cutting-edge machining technique ensures that the die-cast product has a high degree of surface smoothness and that all important dimensions are maintained. To make the necessary cavities and shapes, we utilise a mix imported machine.
  • Electroplating- High-quality Ni and Cr electroplated finishes are applied in accordance with international quality standards.
  • Ceramic Disc- High-quality materials are used to make our ceramic disc fittings. All of the manufacturing procedures are specifically designed to ensure that the products operate smoothly and has a long service life at both high and low temperatures.
  • Aerators- Our faucets use cutting-edge technology to process aeration in the water while simultaneously acting as a pressure lowering device, allowing users to use less water without ever realising it.
  • O Rings- To further increase the quality of the products, important components are forged to ensure material homogeneity, and special attention is devoted to the O-Rings and bottom seat gaskets, which are made entirely of virgin grade rubber.
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